Don’t be fooled by the Imposter Syndrome


may share their deepest secrets on their artwork and being so naked, so exposed in front of other may be too difficult sometimes. The fear of the judgement and of whatever may come with it can make you doubt your own capacity and skills.

I have heard no as an answer many times in my life but none of them came from myself.

When you don’t try something new, when you postpone dreams you are telling yourself a huge no.

Van Gogh had nothing on his favour. He had no money, no conditions and too many people criticizing his artwork and being extremely negative but he believed he could do better and that if he worked and believed hard enough he would be famous someday. He gave up before getting there but his efforts still speak for himself.

Don’t give up before crossing the final line. There is no magic answer or way to success. Just keep learning, working, promoting your work (which is one of the most important things) and have faith specially in yourself. Do not deny or underestimate your work but learn from your mistakes and seek constant improvement.

Be inspired and carry on.

Chiara Rucks

Cultural Producer, Art Curator and Co-funder of Artmulti Brazil

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